Messaging a new provider:

1. Visit their Zencare profile and click the "Message Therapist" button on the right side of their profile.

2. After clicking this button, you will be asked to create a Zencare account with basic information about yourself and what you're looking for in a therapist. This will be sent to the therapist via the Zencare messaging tool.

3.) You will be notified of a return message from the therapist by email, at which point you can log into your new Zencare account to review the message and continue the conversation!


Messaging a previously-contacted provider:

Therapists you have previously contacted, will appear in the Client Portal under the messaging sidebar option—there is no need to revisit their profile! Simply...

1.) Log-in to the Client Portal from the Zencare home page.

2.) Navigate to the "Messages" sidebar option and select the therapist's name that you would like to contact.

3.) Type your message into the message box, and hit "Send"!