You can schedule an initial phone consultation with a therapist by visiting their Zencare profile and selecting a time on their phone consultation calendar. Times that display on the provider's profile are windows that they have indicated as available for phone consultations, so select a time that works best for your schedule!

After clicking on a time, you will be prompted to input some basic information about yourself for the therapist's reference. You will also be prompted to create a free Zencare account that you can later use to message the therapist and reschedule/cancel the call as needed.

After inputting this information, you will be taken to a confirmation page that you can revisit at any time by logging in to the Zencare Client Portal and navigating to the "Consultations" sidebar option. You will also receive a confirmation email and subsequent reminder emails prior to your phone consultation that contain links to this page.

If you find a Zencare therapist who is a good fit but does not have a phone consultation calendar on their Zencare profile, you can reach out to them via contact form instead! It's likely that they offer phone consultations but prefer clients to reach out via email first. On the contact form, make sure to note some times you are available for an initial phone consultation and give a bit of background on what you are seeking in a therapist so the provider can determine if you may be a good fit for their practice!